Soft skills, these unknown

Talking about soft skills means to talk about skills that are useful and important in every job. Unlike the hard skills, specific for the role, soft skills refers to the ability that anybody has to cope with human critical issues, inherent any task entrusted to us or in any project we decide to begin.

A drop of work or its sudden increase, difficulties in communication, stressful situations due to an aim are some of the situations that periodically the professional needs to face with. Often we match with practical problems endowed with just our common sense, and it’s enough in many cases, but not always.

To emprove our abilty to cope with these issues, it’s necessary a proper training regarding our soft skills. This training must be practical and experience based.

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I believe in the sweet violence that reason use to people.
Thinking is one of the most intense pleasures given to the human being.

(B. Brecht – Life of Galileo)

Everyone is right

Practical experiences to improve soft skills

The story holder

Develop narrative abilty in the selling departments

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