The story holder

Development of the narrative ability in the sale department

Soft skills enhanced:

  • Public speaking
  • Humor
  • Imagination
  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Active listening

Telling who you are and what you do pose challenge that often we are not ready to face with. Services and products that we purpose have unique features that must be valorized.

We often illude ourself that to satisfy our customers it’s necessary to lie or to hide the less appealable parts of our offer. But to have an organical presentation of the product it’s enough to build an appropriate storytelling of it.

At this point it’s important to built an effective poetics of what we are proposing. You must build a representation that belong to the company as well as to the person that is its ambassador in the moment of the sale.



What theatre has to deal with your company? Everything!


For you as well as for your collaboartors and emloyees, company represent a daily stage where you face each other throug your roles.

Here you will find some short suggestion that you can find useful


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Trust is earned drop by drop, but you lose it in liters

(Jean-Paul Sartre)

This representation is a suit with which our “Story holder” must be comfortable. Visible but protected he will be able, with elegance and simplicity, to excite the incoming customer.

It’s important to get involved. The course has the aim to improve everyone ability to tell own role, project, company. It’s offered a space to experiment, through theatre tecniques, differnt ways to communicate the same thing, looking for the one that fit better to the people who has to talk about.

Games and preparatory exercises will be the tool that allow the group to create a discrete and safe environment, even for those who find much more difficulties with these tasks. 


Programma “Il Portatore di Storie”

Duration: 15 h – Partecipants: 6 – 12

  • trust exercises
  • focus on target and its needs
  • case studies
  • public speaking tecniques
  • open reharsal 

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