Everyone is right

Obrevation, trust and conflict as factors to develop efficacy in human resource managment – Team building course adressed to manager and leaders


Soft skills enhanced:

  • Conflict mangement
  • Humor
  • Imagination
  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Active listening

Work takes the biggest part of our day, our role of employed, manageress, seceretary, worker, technicians, operators is the one which we must deal with. It’s not always simple, neither everybody can easily bear it. When a piece of the team start to waver all the “play” suffers.

This course give the possibility to look with clarity to our roles, an important knak to bring problems that appears enormous to their proper dimensions. To reach this perception it’s we need to improve the three key concepts that are exposed below. To understand their mechanisms, explanations are not enough, it’s necessary to have model that can give us an experience on how they works.


What theatre has to deal with your company? Everything!

For you as well as for your collaboartors and emloyees, company represent a daily stage where you face each other throug your roles.

Here you will find some short suggestion that you can find useful


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Trust is earned drop by drop, but you lose it in liters
(Jean-Paul Sartre)


Trust is good, not trusting is better says an old popular proverb, however the missing of this feeling often is more a limit than a resource.

If it’s true by one side that caution in the relationships involves a certain safeguard of our serenity as individuals, by the other side interferes with the possibility to develop good collaborations professionally.

In the work proposed there will be used exercise and games aimed to accept trust in a aware and constructive manner.



During the meetings the building of improvvisation moment will be central. Fake conflicts will be used as a game to understand how we work in those moments. Without conflict art wouldn’t exists.

In everyday life, expecially in workplaces, it’s unavoidable. Recognize it, on self and others, means give yourself the possibility to elaborate and solve it.



Beside any improvvisation we will have a feedback about what happened,  by those who were not on stage.

Through the tecnique of non interpretative observation, it will learn to distinguish between what it’s seen and what it’s believed to see. Infact it’s often very difficult avoiding to build an interpretation of intenctions around what we see,  about the routes and consequences of a certain gesture.

Often we notice that our interpretation are wrong only after they have already influenced our behaviour.


“Everyone is right” program

Duration: 20 h – Partecipants: 8 – 20

  • exercises aimed to explore trust
  • cognitive dinamics of behaviour
  • non conventional use of gestures
  • use of voice
  • conflict exercices
  • non interpretative observation
  • exercise aimed to develop the creative potential of the group

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